Top software to convert photos into paintings on computers

Paintings are often entertainment, now with the help of computers, you can easily create drawings quickly with software that converts photos into paintings. Below are the software used to convert photos into popular paintings.

1. FotoSketcher

FotoSketcher is a completely free image-to-painting software. With this software we can convert the pictures taken to the canvas with a few simple steps.

FotoSketcher supports more than 20 different styles available from pencil sketches to watercolor or oil paints, pen and ink drawings and cartoons. You can easily turn photos from landscapes, architecture, portraits, etc. into paintings in seconds.

The software supports many different styles: pencil drawings, pens. You can also improve the original image with tools such as increasing contrast, sharpness, simplifying the image, increasing brightness, color depth, etc.

2. SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro is software used to convert photos into pencil sketches. This program allows you to turn ordinary photos into sophisticated pencil drawings (black and white and color). When you create a pencil sketch, you can set the desired settings and options.

Process images with SoftOrbits in two ways: manually or by using pre-made templates. These templates can be used as training materials for beginners.

The program allows users to create unique photos in sketched videos (black and white or color) of ordinary photography. When you create a pencil sketch, you can choose your preferred settings and options.

3. Dynamic Auto Painter

Dynamic Auto Painter Pro is the world’s leading software to automatically turn a photo into a wonderful painting by some of the world’s famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Sargent, Cezanne. 

In Dynamic Auto Painter software instead of manually changing the pixels of the image, DAP only uses the input image as a guide to paint the scene with various brushes and is guided by techniques inspired by artists in the real world.

Dynamic Auto Painter Pro software isn’t just for digital artists. Many traditional artists use it to prepare a photo frame, to simplify an image, gain insight into composition strengths, and get inspired.

Dynamic Auto Painter Pro also supports drawing 360 Panorama : With the popularity of various 360 and action cameras such as Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear, etc., the software has added support for drawing equivalent (full) panoramas. 360 degrees) that the camera produces.

4. Cartoon Maker Clone

Cartoon Maker Clone is a smart Photoshop plugin that turns photos into paintings in seconds. This plugin will give you the chance to become a professional digital artist and draw cartoon portraits and cartoon caricatures without Photoshop or special drawing skills.

The plugin works great with absolutely any type of photo: people, animals, buildings, objects, etc. Also, it doesn’t matter the photo size, image resolution and photo color mode – the result will be Realistic cartoon with lots of details to customize.

Just install. Just a few clicks to get the plugin ready to use. Easy to use. Just open your photo and click create button. Fun to customize. Use caricature presets to improve your animation results. Great for social media. Your friends and followers will love it

The plugin can detect faces by itself. Your portrait will always look perfect. The plugin uses AI network to recognize faces and intelligently optimizes image parameters and subdivisions to get the best animation results.

5. PhotoCartoon Professional

PhotoCartoon Professional is graphic editing software whose main purpose is to provide a wide range of ready-made filters to help you transform your images into drawings, cartoons or paintings. However, its feature set is not limited to a set of effects, as it also comes with a control in the image equalizer that helps you enhance the quality of your loaded photos.

The interface layout is simple, including a generous preview area that displays loaded photos. Unfortunately, there’s no support for batch operations, so you’ll have to process multiple images one at a time. There are filters to convert images into caricatures, cartoons, watercolors or crayon sketches. Some filters may take longer to load than others.

There is also an option to add a text watermark to the loaded image, which is useful for copyright protection. You can change the text color, font and background of the watermark. Otherwise, there’s no option to adjust the transparency of the watermark or the overlay watermark you’ve edited in a third-party app.

PhotoCartoon lets you animate a photo pretty quickly, but it doesn’t offer anything that any other reliable photo editor doesn’t. Indeed, it allows for quick editing and offers a satisfactory set of effects to help you transform a photo, but it also lacks a few features that its rivals offer.

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