The easiest way to convert WordPress to Google Blogger

WordPress is considered a very popular platform for blogging, offering attractive themes, useful plugins, and loads of support for bloggers. However, in some cases you still need to transfer articles from WordPress to Google Blogger. The following article will guide you to switch from WordPress to Google Blogger the fastest.

How to Switch WordPress to Google Blogger

When you move a blog from WordPress to Blogger, you will need to export your blog, comments, pages, and posts from WordPress, and then import it into Blogger. Here are the steps

Step 1: Go to WordPress dashboard, select Tools

Step 2: Select Export , the output interface, as shown below

Step 3: Select All Content and click Download Exported File

Step 4: Go to the WordPress to Blogger Converter online tool , Click Choose file… to select the WordPress file you just exported in step 3, then click CONVERT


Currently there is a plugin called Export to Blogger for WordPress, try this plugin to see how the results are!

Step 5: Wait for a while for the transfer process to complete, we get the file blogger-export.xml

Step 6: Go to Blogger, Select Settings

Step 7: Go to Blogger, Select Import content and select the file blogger-export.xml in step 5

Step 8: The import process takes place, wait a bit and it’s done

Step 9:

Done!, the WordPress XML file is imported into Blogger. Look for your moved posts, comments, and pages in your Blogger account.


WordPress and Blogger are both famous and widely used blogging platforms, the article has guided you step by step to convert WordPress to Blogger, hopefully with this guide you can transfer articles from WordPress to Blogger. best.

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