The best data recovery software today

Data recovery is the act of recovering lost data due to mistaken deletion, or failure due to hard disk damage. There are many data recovery software, below are the data recovery software that is considered professional today.

1. R-Studio

R-Studio is powerful and efficient data recovery and data recovery software. R-STUDIO is the most comprehensive data recovery solution for files recovering from NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, FAT12/16/32, exFAT, HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh), Little and Big Endian variants of UFS1 /UFS2 (FreeBSD / OpenBSD / NetBSD / Solaris) and Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 FS partition (Linux).

R-Studio also uses raw file recovery (scanning for known file types) for badly damaged or unknown file systems. It works on local and network disks, even if such partitions are formatted, corrupted or deleted. Flexible parameter settings give you complete control over data recovery. R-Studio functions on local and network disks, even if those partitions are formatted, corrupted, or deleted. Flexible parameter settings give you complete control over data recovery.

R-Studio data recovery software was originally developed for use by data recovery professionals, system administrators, information technology professionals, and advanced and experienced computer users. Some of R-Studio’s features are even designed specifically for computer forensics professionals, and most R-Studio users don’t need every feature of the software.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is the best Windows data recovery software that helps to recover lost data even if the operating system fails to start or crashes. Data recovery mode is more secure to recover deleted files stored on system disk. EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable Media is mainly designed for data recovery cases of any system crash.

EasyUS data recovery software combined with bootable media will recover data lost due to deletion, formatting, partition loss, hard drive failure, software problem, virus attack or other causes. unspecified otherwise.

Note: Just create bootable media to recover lost data in WinPE environment.

3. Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Data Recovery with the new name Wondershare Recoverit is a simple and powerful software to recover your data. This program, like its competitors, is one of the market leaders in the field of data recovery. With this software, any type of data and for any reason deleted from your system can be recovered. With the help of this software, users can recover files that they deleted from Windows Recycling Level, they can recover their problem partitions and data that have been lost due to formatting or even Even data and registry keys are retrievable in this application.

As you know, most of the recovery programs have surface and deep disk scan modes to recover your files, Wondershare Recoverit has the same feature. However, in deep scan mode, depending on the size of the scan, the system speed… it may take a long time to complete the scan, so this program offers the user the possibility to stop and resume activities to be able to at different times. Continue the restore operation. This program has a nice and compact user interface and all recovery operations are shown to the user by a step-by-step wizard, which will make using the program as simple as possible.

4. DiskGenius

DiskGenius is software used to recover data. This software helps you to recover files that you mistakenly deleted. Also with this software you will be able to recover your partitions by MBR recovery. You will also be able to recover data with damaged partitions, RAIDs and disks using this software. This software can also enhance the security of your disk to prevent possible problems. It also uses a tool called Clone Partition that allows users to backup their files without any risk and use it as needed.

Of course, DiskGenius software is not just for data recovery. Using this software you will be able to detect and fix partition related errors. You will also be able to manage your disks with this software. This software as a tool can detect many problems of your system and computer and help you to solve it.

5. Disk Drill

Disk Drill Pro is software to recover deleted data quickly, even any storage device you can connect to your Windows PC can recover lost data. Disk Drill Pro recovers files quickly, conveniently and securely. Disk Drill is a comprehensive and efficient software designed to provide you with a means of analyzing internal or external data storage devices for lost or damaged files, helping you to recover them in just a few minutes. in a few quick mouse movements.

When using windows, accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin, virus attack or power failure, partition corruption, failed boot and more, you still have peace of mind with Disk Drill because Disk Drill scans your media with lost data and scan recoverable data from it or detect lost partitions that can be recovered intact. With intelligent detection of bad sectors on the drive surface, you increase your chances of data recovery.

Usually when a file is deleted, it’s just the name that is marked as deleted. Its contents are still there on the drive. A quick scan takes just a second to bring you a list of recently deleted items. With Deep Scan technology will rebuild lost files and reconstruct them for you based on their binary structure. More than 200 file signatures are known by Disk Drill’s Deep Scanning module.

With Disk Drill, your data is also protected. Turn on Recovery Vault even if you have never lost data. It will keep your files protected from accidental deletion by keeping a copy of the attributes of each deleted file and folder on your computer.

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