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Autodesk License Patcher Is An Universal Patcher For All Autodesk Products 2023.
NLM method Is From Someone Else. This Tool Just Automates Every Step.
This Tool Will:
Place And Replace Necessary Files
Edit Hostname And MAC Address In License File
Create Task To Start Licensing Services At Boot
Block In And Out Internet Traffic To Autodesk Licensing Files
Restart Licensing Services In Correct Way
Start Network License Manager

Link Download Veryfiles: DOWNLOAD

How To;
1) Download And Install Any Autodesk Product
2) Run “Autodesk License Patcher” With Administrator Rights And UAC Disabled
3) Launch Any Installed Autodesk Product, And When Prompted Do;

  • Select “Use A Network License”
  • Select “Single License Server”
  • Use Or localhost Or 27080@ (Or Where The Flexlm Daemon Is Installed -Syntax Could Be port @ server-)

1) If you relaunch the tool, it will first uninstall previous version, then reinstall for a fresh install.
2) If you want to uninstall and revert all the changes that have been made by tool launch “Autodesk License Patcher Uninstaller”.
3) It is recommended to use only one version of same product because of NLM limitations.
4) Should work with any ADSK licensing server.
5) Products from v2021 to v2023 are supported.
6) At every boot, automatic service will start and refresh the ADSKService + NLM to fix any possible issue. This would take 7-10 secconds, so wait 10 secconds before running any Autodesk application.
7) Patch will work in online/offline/virtual/real environments.
8) Your ComputerName should stay same after activation. This tool will set it as “Administrator” so don’t change it. If you have to change “ComputerName”, and feeling talented enough, then edit main and service script before using, or license.lic and service script after installing from installed directory.

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