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Download Tekla Structural Designer Suite 2021 Full Version, Download Tekla Structural Designer Suite 2021 Full License.

Tekla Architectural Designer is a software for designing and analyzing concrete and steel structures by providing detailed and detailed drawings. The Tekla Structural Designer program is an ideal choice by automating various operations and its unique ability to optimize the analysis and design of concrete and steel structures and will help the industry techniques greatly increase efficiency and ultimate profits. Based on the physical structure of the program, it provides basic and satisfactory analysis and provides complete analysis reports to the user, regardless of the size of the project and its complexity. Tekla Architectural Designer is an international product and has the ability to use local regulations in any country. To put it plainly,

Features of Tekla Structural Designer

  • High savings in design time
  • Benefit from various standard solutions
  • Apply changes at every step of the task
  • Maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Complete the design and modeling of structures without the need for separate packages for piecemeal design
  • Increase product efficiency through meticulous physical modeling and complete design and change management
  • Analyze critical conditions such as wind
  • Use finite element analysis to increase accuracy of analysis
  • Clear and accurate reporting of all types of analysis
  • Automated design of structures, structures of different materials (steel, concrete)
  • Combine design and analysis to reduce time development time
  • Designed skateboard comparability
  • Ability to receive output in different formats

Download Tekla Structural Designer Suite 2021

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