Download BASCOM-AVR – BASCOM-8051 v2.0.16.0

Download BASCOM-AVR – BASCOM-8051 v2.0.16.0, BASCOM-AVR Full Version download. BASCOM-AVR is the main basic compiler for the AVR family, developed by MCS Electronics.

Features and specifications of BASCOM-AVR

  • Basic structured with tags
  • Structured programming with IF-THEN-ELSE-END IF, DO-LOOP, WHILE-WEND, SELECT-CASE
  • Fast code machine instead of interpreted code
  • Variables and tags can be up to 32 characters long
  • Bit, Byte, Integer, Word, Long, Single, Double and String variables
  • Large set of discriminant functions
  • Time and date calculation functions
  • Compiled applications work with all AVR microprocessors with internal memory.
  • VB / QB compatibility
  • Special commands for LCD screen, I2C chips, computer keyboard, matrix keyboard, RC5 and UART software acceptance, SPI , graphic LCD, IR RC5 sending
  • Local variables, user functions, library support
  • Integrated terminal emulator with download option
  • Integrated simulator for testing
  • Integrated ISP programming
  • Support for many programmers such as: STK500, STK600, MKII, USBASP, JTAG, Arduino
  • Editor with featured explanation
  • English and German books available
  • Simulator mouse AT, Simulator Keyboard AT and I2C Slave are available as plug-in
  • This product was developed in 1995 and is regularly updated.

Download BASCOM-AVR – BASCOM-8051 v2.0.16.0

Size: 50 MB

Link Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Pass: 123

Installation and activation Instructions

  • In readme file