Commonly used Retouch plugins for Photoshop

Retouch plugins are often used in Photoshop to enhance image quality, such as smoothing skin, beautifying portrait photos. Photographers or studios often use plugins to process images to save time and get the best results. This article introduces some commonly used Retouch plugins for Photoshop.

1. Beauty Retouch Panel

Beauty Retouch Panel is a Photoshop add-on designed to help photographers and photo retouchers speed up their photo editing workflows. If you are a beginner, Beauty Retouch Panel will help you to do the things you have always dreamed of without any experience. If you are a professional beautician, it will save your precious time a lot.

Beauty Retouch Panel combines the scripts, tools, and shortcuts of the basic Beauty Retouch adjustment layer, which adds simplicity and speeds up your workflow by performing tedious and repetitive parts. repeat in your routine.

Using some extremely useful and advanced scripts, as well as the ability to add custom user actions, this dashboard will save you hours of work in the short and long term as well as help you achieve accurate, top-quality results that are reproducible and impress your customers.

2. Delicious Retouch Panel

Delicious Retouch Panel is a Photoshop plugin that makes portrait retouching easy with lots of powerful features that make portrait retouching faster, better, and time-saving.

In Delicious Retouch Panel there is a remarkable function that is Delicious Skin, it smooths skin and clears blemishes and acne like a great way. You just need to select the face and apply the effect with a brush.

3. Beauty Retouching Kit

Beauty Retouching Kit is a professional Photoshop panel for fashion, wedding and portrait photographers

With Beauty Retouching Kit you can clean shiny areas without losing texture, reduce freckles and any other imperfections and soften texture. Make Up tool helps to highlight eyes and mouth, you can apply glitter blush, powder, eyeshadow, mascara and whiten teeth.

In addition, Beauty Retouching Kit also has color filters to help adjust the colors to match your photos.

4. Ultimate Retouch Panel

Ultimate Retouch Panel is a powerful Photoshop plugin for photographers and Retouchers. This plugin contains more than 15 different types of quick and manual edits, 200 more functions for Photoshop, 30 tools for Retouch

Ultimate Retouch Panel fully supports features dedicated to Skin, Face, Mouth – Lips, Hair and Body; make your retouch work much simpler and more accurate.

5. MUA Retouch Panel

MUA Retouch Panel is a smart Photoshop extension designed for subtle, intuitive, campaign-level retouching created with the makeup artist in mind. Developed by photographer and beauty retoucher Julia Kuzmenko McKim and makeup artist, photographer and photo editor Jordan Liberty through years of work in the beauty industry, panel scripts are currently only available available to users.

MUA Retouch Panel was born combining familiar makeup terminology and techniques with powerful professional-grade editing scripts. Beauty retouching can now be done delicately and thoughtfully by those who know beauty best.

6. Retouch Pro Panel

Retouch Pro is an extremely handy control panel for photographers, Retouch Pro has 157 functions, using artificial intelligence in real time. The tools are created by experience and testing by the best photographers in the world.

Retouch Pro has full tools for us to edit skin, eyes, hair, lips, clothes. This panel has been created for different styles of photography, for perfect results on every photo.

7. Beauty Box Photo Retouching

Beauty Box Photo is the makeup artist you thought you couldn’t afford. Our skin retouching plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Aperture is simple to use. This skin smoothing software saves hours of your production time while making your client look years younger. In addition, the 30+ new presets let’s you apply different color styles and looks to your images.

Beauty Box Photo is among the best photo retouching plugins for anyone who needs to remove blemishes, correct the skin tone, and eliminate shine with minimum time and effort. The plugin employs a complex smoothening algorithm that will make your retouching work a lot simpler.


Photo editing often takes a lot of time and effort. Above are the popular Retouch plugins for Photoshop, using these plugins will help a lot for your photo editing work to save time as well as achieve the most satisfactory photos.

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