Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 Free Download

Appeon Powerbuilder lets you build faster, better business apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Develop intuitively using proven technology standards. Deploy device, OS, and DB agnostic applications. 

PowerBuilder brings C# Web API development & assembly to PowerBuilder with productivity as the hallmark of PowerBuilder. An AC# migration solution (framework and tools) is also provided so you can leverage existing code assets. PowerScript client development is enhanced with new user interface technologies and cloud architecture.

The complex also has a rich library of information and data that you need to use and provide. Everything you need and you will influence the quality and speed of work in the library is included. With PowerBuilder You will be able to build global programs. 

Features of Appeon Powerbuilder

  • PowerBuilder is a simple, intuitive and intuitive IDE for rapid development of client/server or cloud applications.
  • You can use PowerBuilder to build pure or hybrid cloud applications powered by REST Web APIs with microservices architecture.
  • It supports PowerScript as the native client programming language and C# as the server programming language.
  • Server-side programming is powered by .NET Core, which is Microsoft’s high-performance, cross-platform, open source .NET framework. All server runtime libraries are 100% managed code.
  • DataWindow technology makes data access and manipulation simple and easy whether developing a client/server application or a cloud application.
  • Together with PowerServer, you can quickly deploy your projects to both web and mobile using a universal codebase.

PowerBuilder 2021 introduces a new project type: PowerServer. With the PowerServer project type, PowerBuilder applications can be deployed as installable cloud applications that have the following features:

  1. An installable cloud application that can support most PowerBuilder features. The installable cloud application is the cloud version of the PowerBuilder application; it is installed on the client and can be launched directly from the desktop. But in contrast to browser-based applications, installable cloud applications are deployed using native PowerBuilder code (instead of being converted to JavaScript) and run on the customer’s PowerBuilder virtual machine (PBVM). Minimal code changes are required to deploy the application. PBVM is identical to the PBVM used by PowerBuilder classic client/server applications.
  2. Installable cloud applications running on an n-tier architecture. An installable cloud application makes HTTP or HTTPS calls to PowerServer and then PowerServer connects to the database and executes SQL queries. PowerServer can be installed on any Web server running Windows or Linux or docker or cloud server. PowerServer contains an API server that uses standard REST APIs with REST security to handle HTTP/HTTPS requests from clients. PowerServer also contains a data server that uses the .NET DataStore to handle data related requests. Currently .NET DataStore supports ASE, SQL Server,
  3. Installable cloud applications are installed over the Internet and updated automatically and incrementally. To install a client-installable cloud application, you visit the application’s URL in a Web browser. You just need to use a Web browser to download the installable cloud app for the first time. You can then run the application directly from the desktop. And if any update is available, the app will be updated automatically and incrementally.
  4. The installable cloud deployment can completely replace the traditional PowerServer Web solution. Installable cloud apps can be installed on Windows apps, but not on any mobile apps like iOS or Android. An installable cloud deployment option that can be used as an alternative to the traditional PowerServer Web solution. But for the PowerServer Mobile solution, users will need to implement the client UI logic manually.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or 8.1

Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 Build 1288 x86/x64

Size: 1.5 GB

Google drive :  DOWNLOAD  | Mega :  DOWNLOAD

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Installation Instructions

  • Unzip and install the software
  • Copy the files in the Fix folder to the software installation folder
  • Completed