The best add-in software for the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

The Office suite is so familiar to us. Probably all of us have used Word, Excel or PowerPoint at least once. For those who do office work, they are exposed to this software suite more often. Below are add-on software for the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), these add-ons will increase working speed and improve work quality.

1. Kutools – Utility Toolkit for Excel

Kutools is a set of plugins that support Excel to help you process work faster, especially working with formulas. Kutools For Excel supports more than 300 advanced features to simplify complex types of Excel tasks. For example, you can easily combine worksheets with a few mouse clicks, merge cells without losing data, paste only in visible cells, etc. Kutools For Excel is a powerful and user-friendly add-in. help Excel users save a lot of working time and significantly improve working efficiency on Excel.

Kutools For Excel helps you shorten many complex Excel tasks with just one mouse click. You can operate on Excel more conveniently and easily. In addition, Kutools provides many practical functions that Excel cannot or is quite difficult to do. This greatly increases the efficiency when using Excel and reduces the probability of errors.

2. Ablebits Ultimate Suite

AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel is a comprehensive toolkit that includes over 60 professional tools covering more than 300 use cases: join tables and sheets, find and delete duplicates, join and split strings, trim whitespace and delete data, compare two sheets for each topic. fit and differentiate, create custom recipes, etc. No matter what task you face, you will find a tool to complete it quickly and flawlessly.

If you deal with large sheets, hundreds or thousands of rows in each table, matching and merging data is always a nightmare…unless you have a few dedicated wizards at your fingertips. From combining individual cells to merging multiple workbooks, Ultimate Suite covers all the merging tasks you do in Excel.

3. Office Tab Enterprise

Office Tab helps users to open documents in a window and display them in tabs, it is an add-on (Add-on) for Office applications. Just like on your usual browsers, each web page is a separate tab. Thanks to this feature, Office Tab helps you save time and work more efficiently when switching between tabs, not windows as before.

If you are a regular Office user, you will notice the inconvenience every time you open a new document like Word, Excel, but Office opens a separate window, every time you switch back and forth, it is extremely inconvenient, Office Tab will solve this problem for you.

4. Power-user Premium

Power-user is a plugin for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word software that provides a variety of visual content to create engaging spreadsheets. It contains modern, professional templates, icons, tables, drawings and charts that allow you to build professional-looking documents.

You can add custom content to your documents with just one click and surprise your clients and colleagues with your skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Power-user helps you focus on your project’s profile and impact instead of spending time on formatting tasks like formatting documents and adding the most compelling elements to your documents. This plugin’s templates will automatically change colors per project and will look like the current theme. It has a library of 4,000 icons, 200 maps and lots of charts, allowing you to customize all the elements.

5. Office Timeline Plus

Office Timeline is a very useful, efficient and of course powerful add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint software. With this add-on, you can create much more beautiful PowerPoint documents. You can add a timeline to your projects. By applying body time to different sections and sections of a PowerPoint document, in addition to increasing the beauty of your work, your clients and managers will also be impressed.

Your users can easily use this add-on to polish the Gantt boards you need by applying advanced scheduling, making your PowerPoint documents much more professional than before.

One of the important features of this utility is its simplicity. Users of different levels of PowerPoint document creation knowledge will be able to take full advantage of this add-on. You will be able to create scheduled documents easily and in just a few simple steps using this add-on.


Above are 5 interesting utilities for Office suite, these utility sets will more or less help your daily office work better.

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